The second Gulf War broke out in March 2003.
Ten years later, few know that the conflict leads to the settlement of around 100,000 Iraqi citizens in the United States.
From Boston to San Diego, this interactive documentary unveils the intimate wounds shared by former enemies and their wishes for the future.

An interactive documentary written and directed by Claire Jeantet and Fabrice Catérini



Design & development


Art direction

Noémie Oulevay

Graphic designer

Cinzia Sigg

Interactive developers

Sam Rossetti | Amin Ladhani

Second cameraman

Thomas Bernardi

Script advisor

Florent Maurin

Sound design and original music

Nicolas Cadiou

Voice over recording

MYU Entertainment studio (Chicago, IL)

Production coordinators

Steven Dolbeau | Corentin Fauquet


Maxime Poussin | Deborah Benson | Christine Buckley (France 24)

Family pictures

Alejandro Villatoro | Omar Alasmar | Tony Benhan | Weam Namou Yatooma | Eman-Jajonie Daman | Ahmed Alrais  | Kathy Kelly | Atorina Zomaya | Haji Samoqi | Raad Kosa | Walaa Marouki | Mark Kabban |

Media partners

Sylvain Attal | Frédéric Bonnard | Marie Valla | Mathieu Bertolo | Anthony Ravera | Anne Kacki (France 24)
Paul Chaine | Odile Conseil | Hamdam Mostafavi | Patricia Fernandez (Courrier International)
Fabio Lo Verso and his team (La Cité)
Sophie Dufau (Mediapart)
Guénola Pellen (France-Amérique)
Jean-Matthieu Gauthier (Epic-Stories)

A big thanks to all Iraqis and Americans who made this project happened :

Susan, Ashraf and Savannah | Ayman | Salwan, Susan and their families | Rasha | Noor | Julie | Ghasaq | Zaid and Sarab | Ammar | Susan | Bashar and Jehan
Alejandro Villatoro and Tommy Hanna (aka Timz)
New York : Yanar Muhammed | Maggie Martin | Laura Raymond | Franco Pagetti and the VII gallery
Boston : Ahmad Al-Zubaydi and his family | Tony Behnan | Omar Haider and his family | Derek Mitchell and the International Institute of New England | Ali Taha Ernad and his family | Sharon Sanders | Ali Farouk | Luciano Paskevicius | Stephen L. Gervais | Mike Gallo | Tash Dukuly
Detroit : Shamamta Hermiz Korkis | Weam Namou Yatooma and her family | Eman Jajonie-Daman and Namir M. Daman | Husam Abdulkhaleq and the ACCESS team | Lana Mini | Ronald Farida and his family | Tommy and the workers of Value Center Market | Imam Hassan Qazwini and the Islamic Center of America community | Father Anthony Kathawa and the Mother of God Church community | Ron Scott | Diane Proctor Reeder | Imam Husham Al-Husainy and the Kerbala Islamic Center community | Robert L. Smith and the Wright Museum | Joyce Wiswell | Sharon Hannawa | George and Jeffrey | Ather | Karla Atchoo | Haitam Safo | Abbas Ammar | Tejash Patel | Lisa A.Kalou | Nina Gorman-Gadson | Nagham Gammo | Martin Manna | Maan Al-Qasmetoosh | Kamel Abbo | Danton Wilson
Chicago : Fatima and Takwa Hindi | Laurie Hasbrook | Ahmed Alrais and Nada Alkadar | Kathy Kelly | Atorina Zomaya and Hanni Baba | Robert Dekelaita | Jack Green and the Oriental Institute of Chicago | Anthony Giamichael | Jack C.Dopplet | Namir Al-Fadhel
Las Vegas : Haji and Saifi Samoqi | Daniela Hristic, Leslie Carmine, Withney Eich and the Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada | Raad and Said Kosa and their families | Mariam Mansur and the St Barbara Church  | David Hana and his family | Catrin Kareem | Daliya and John Anoya | Yuri Perez | Reemon Sarkees
San Diego : Mark Kabban and the YALLA team | Walaa Marouki and his family | Enaam Husein and her family | Kayla Roberts | Entre-P (Alvin Shamoun) | Lorraine Ali | Randy Edmonds and the SCAIR team | Bruno Niestatek | Sami Jihad | Monica Zech | Haiman Albana | Mark Lewis | Andrea Pruett | Ann Thomas | Joshua Franks | Steve Mattia | Mekhaeel Thomas | Sandy Bhangoo

Thanks also to :

Victor Vitelli and the US consulate of Lyon | Alison Donjon and the French Alliance of Lyon | Thomas Bidari and the Iraqi community of Lyon | Emmanuelle Vincent | Cyril Peyramond | Jacob Khrist | Muriel Barra and Denis Vincenti | Réjane and Gismonde Fauqet | Charity Tooze and Lili Tnaïb (UNHCR Washington) | Matt Howard | Gabriel Karlsson | Les rencontres de Lussas | Jean-François Leroy and Delphine Lelu (Visa pour l’Image) | Emmanuelle Stevan (Théâtre St-Gervais) | Our friends and family

With the support of the National Center of Cinematography and the moving image (CNC) and the Rhône-Alpes region

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